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Fees and Payments

Fee Schedule for 2012



The Fee Schedule for Madera Superior Court for 2010 is divided into the folllowing subheadings:

Family Court Services Fees

Fees are due and payable on or before the date of the scheduled session. Fees are payable to "Madera County Superior Court" by CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY. You may pay cash; however, you must take a Cash Reference Sheet from FCS to pay cash at the Civil Division. Again, fees are due at the time of the appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS (unless you have a fee waiver).

Important: Any missed appointments or cancelled appointments within 24 hours of the session will be charged a fee as noted in #2 below.


1. Mediation Session - 1st Session
2. Re-referred to mediation within 6 months
$100.00 per parent. Total cost ($200.00) may be charged to a parent who failed to cooperate in the first scheduled session, thus causing the re-referral.
3. Child Interview (for all children)
$100.00 per parent
4. Parenting Plan Review Session
$100.00 per parent
5. Child Custody Investigation
$600.00 per parent
6. Guardianship Investigation
$600.00 to be paid by Petitioner
7. Conservatorship Investigation
$400.00 to be paid by Petitioner
8. Step-Parent Adoption
$300.00 to be paid by Petitioner
9. Declare Minor Free (if separate from Step-Parent Adoption)
$300.00 to be paid by Petitioner
10. Joint Step-Parent Adoption / Declare Minor Free
$450.00 to be paid by Petitioner
11. Grandparents Rights Cases if re-referred within 6 months
$75.00 Each Party


Criminal Fees

Fees are payable to "Madera County Superior Court" by check or money order. Cash is also accepted.


1. Bail Reinstatement Fee



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