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Hon. Charles A. Wieland


This policy applies to all long cause trials conducted in Department 8.

 This court shall not conduct trial confirmation or go-go conferences on the eve of trial. If any matter set for trial is not settled with timely notice to the court, then the parties shall be prepared to participate in a meaningful trial management conference (TMC) in accordance with this policy. Trial counsel and parties (including criminal defendants) shall be present.

Jury trial TMC’s shall be conducted on the Thursday preceding the Thursday on which jury selection begins. As an example, if your trial is scheduled for Thursday the 13 th, then your TMC shall be conducted on Thursday the 6 th. Court trial TMC’s shall be conducted on the date of trial.

At the TMC, the parties shall lodge/file with the court and exchange with each other party a joint statement of the case; original discovery to be used during the trial; exhibit lists and exhibits; witness lists; motions in limine; verdict forms; and jury instructions. Jury instructions shall be the actual instructions (not simply BAJI or CALJIC numbers) and shall be filled in as applicable to the case to be tried. The court will review your work, not do your job.

At the TMC, the court shall discuss the following topics, among others:

  • hardships, for cause challenges and peremptory challenges;
  • courtroom hours;
  • courtroom courtesies (professionalism is mandatory);
  • trial objections (no speaking objections);
  • jury down time (none);
  • special needs;
  • time estimates (accurate);
  • bifurcation;
  • evidentiary issues (few during trial);
  • sidebar conferences (avoidable);
  • less than 12 jurors;
  • jury instruction before or after argument;
  • waiver of separation admonitions;
  • waiver of 24 hour entry of judgment rule;
  • witness issues (stack witness);
  • exhibit issues;
  • alternate jurors.

This policy is an order of the court. Failure and/or refusal to comply with this order may be treated as a contempt of court punishable by fine and/or jailing or punishable by sanctions, including fines, issue preclusions, and/or striking of pleadings, including dismissal, or the vacating of the trial date, or in any manner authorized by law.

January 10, 2003



Hon. Charles A. Wieland



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