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Madera County , California

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Presiding Judge


On behalf of my fellow judicial officers, court administration and the support staff of the Madera Superior Court, I would like to welcome you to the court’s official website. We hope you find it a useful resource to allow you to fully utilize your court system. Within this website you will find information as well as links to other websites that will allow you to be better educated and more comfortable with your experience with the Madera Superior Court.

It is the mission of the Madera Superior Court to “ensure equal and fair access for all in the judicial system, and to provide public service in an efficient and impartial manner.” If you have suggestions on how to improve either our service to the public or this website please let us know.

The main courthouse of the Madera Superior Court is currently located at 209 W. Yosemite Avenue, Madera, California. This facility was constructed over 100 years ago as Lincoln Grammar School. When the Court and other offices moved in during the 1970’s it was originally intended as a temporary location. The Court has occupied this building for over 50 years now and has greatly outgrown the original temporary purpose. We are excited about the future location of the Madera Superior Court which is currently under construction between 6 th and 7 th Street and G and H Streets in the City of Madera. Our new location should be completed in mid 2014.

The Madera Superior Court currently consists of nine judges and one commissioner. Nine courtrooms are located in the main courthouse and the Sierra Court is located at 40601 Road 274, Bass Lake, California. The Madera Superior Court also includes Family Court Services currently located at 760 North I Street #106, Madera, California. The new courthouse will allow the court to consolidate the current main courthouse functions with Family Court Services, providing a centralized location while still maintaining access to the outlying mountain communities through the Sierra Court located at Bass Lake.

The Madera Superior Court is continually striving to meet and exceed our mission statement by revising procedures and developing new and better programs to deal with the public’s and the judicial systems changing needs. Even in these trying financial times, the Judicial Branch, as the third branch of Government exists to serve the needs and protect the rights of individuals and corporate citizens within our jurisdiction. Whether you are called upon to serve as a juror or visit the Madera Superior Court in some other capacity, we hope this website will allow you the information necessary to be more knowledgeable and comfortable with the process and our current locations.


D. Lynn Jones, Presiding Judge 2013-2014



Messages from Previous Presiding Judges:

2004 Presiding Judge, Hon. Edward P. Moffat

2005/2006 Presiding Judge, Hon. Jennifer R.S. Detjen

2007/2008 Presiding Judge, Hon. John W. DeGroot

2009/2010 Presiding Judge, Hon. James E. Oakley

2011/2012 Presiding Judge, Hon. Mitchell C. Rigby




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